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Complete Games and Multimedia Applications

Coin-Op\Arcade, PC, Console, Web Games and Promotional Games

[Speeding Ticket, Classic Car] [Speeding Ticket, Sports Car] [Speeding Ticket, Dune Buggy] [Dungeon] [Pamela] [Old Man] [Mei Ling] [Create-A-Room, Kitchen] [Sea Horse]

Virtual World Experiences

Second Life and other Collabrative Social Environments

[Avnet Technology Museum Experience, Front Wall] [Avnet Technology Museum, Real Life] [Avnet Technology Museum Experience, Back Wall] [Avnet Technology Museum, Real Life] [Avnet Technology Museum Experience, Turn Table] [Avnet Technology Museum Experience, Oscilloscope]

3D Environments

Sky Cubes, Landscapes, Digital Mattes, Next-Gen Game Environments

[Mountains] [Mountains in Wireframe] [Sunset over Green Field] [Lush Canyon with Water] [Ice Flows] [Binary Suns]

Character Design and Traditional Illustration

Concept Art, Illustration, 2D Game Sprites and Backgrounds, Manuals

[The TFP Tribe] [Mobile Town] [Dark Elf and Menagerie] [Music Box] [Sarge] [Asian Volcano]

Audio Design

Sound design for games and multimedia applications.

We are a full service studio, and can provide sound design services as a part of application design. Listen to a few fun loops from our audio team: