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Web Accessibility

The web site includes several features designed to improve accessibility for visitors with disabilities, as well as visitors with older or text-only browsers.

  • Images on the site contain 'alt tags' which aid visitors using text-only browsers or screen readers. Images which represent design-only elements (i.e. with no real purpose other than presentation) contain empty alt tags in order to reduce screen-clutter in text-only browsers and screen readers.
  • Style sheets are externally linked so they may be more easily overridden by visitors requiring larger fonts or other forms of customization.
  • Image maps are not used.
  • Form fields are explicitly labeled so that they will be correctly interpreted by screen readers.
  • A link is provided to allow users to skip past the main navigation. This alleviates the need to tab through numerous links to get to the page contents, aiding visitors who use keyboard navigation.
  • A simplified version of the site is available. While it is not our intent that any visitor should ever need to use the simplified (plain text) version, the version is provided in case there should ever be a problem, or in case the visitor would like to conserve bandwidth. The simplified version does not contain frames, tables, direct positioning, layers or other features that may prevent some browsers from rendering the text in a clear and linear fashion. The simplified version contains only images that are content-relevant... "splash graphics" and other potential screen clutter have been removed. All text uses high-contrast colors, primarily black on white. The simplified version is free of stylesheets and font tags so that the guest may easily override the page with larger fonts, if needed. The simplified site is updated at the same time as the main site so it is always current. Special features, such as the site search, are designed to output results with simplified formatting if called from a simplified page.

All efforts have been made to make the web site friendly and accessible to all our guests, and we welcome your comments and suggestions for improvement. If you would like to share a suggestion on how we may serve you better, please contact:

ATTN: Webmaster
4736 North 12th Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85014

Or contact us online.